Monday, February 1, 2016


Greetings from Thrift Solutions.

We are here to provide a myriad of services in the area of training, consulting, holiday accommodation rentals and reviews.

If you are looking for holiday accommodation in Malaysia or Gold Coast Australia, visit our site:
Holiday Rentals Malaysia
Lexis PD
Avani Sepang Gold Coast

If you are interested in learning how to leverage on free internet tools to market your business online, or how to plan your transition from employee to entrepreneur, join us in our hands-on workshop.
More info at Thrift Academy

If you are looking for affordable presents for yourself or your friends, check out our Clearance Sales at Thrift Shoppe

We also help property owners who are suffering from no tenant. We train you how to convert and manage your property as holiday rentals, whilst waiting for long term tenant.
Or if you own a holiday property that you don't intend to rent permanently, let us help manage it so you can earn some part time passive income.
Example of our holiday property management project can be viewed at Thrift Holidays

If you are a timeshare owner but do not use your holiday allocation and it just burn every year, let us help you rent it out, cover your cost of annual maintenance fee and make some part time passive income. Other owners have benefit from this service, without even having to do any work.
Visit Cheap Timeshare Rental for more info.

Should you have other enquiries, feel free to contact us at Thrift Solutions.